Cleaning the Air Filter



Yoshimasa assumes no liability regarding the improper installation or misapplication of its products. It is the installer’s responsibility to check for proper installation. Under no circumstances will Yoshimasa be liable for any labor charged or travel time incurred installation of its products. Damage caused by improper installation is the installer's responsibility and Yoshimasa assumes no liability. The following instructions only set an outline for maintenance.                                                                                      Yoshimasaは お買い求め頂いた製品に対して適切な設置を怠たったり、間違った使用をした為に起こるすべての責任を負いません。設置ミスのために生じた不具合は設置業者に責任があります。また、Yoshimasaはどのような理由であれ製品設置に際しての人件費及び出張時間の費用の支払い義務はありません。不適切な設置方法で生じた製品の損傷はそれを設置した業者に責任があり、Yoshimasaとは関係がないと考えます。以下の説明は単にメインテナンスに関してのアウトラインです。 





YOSHIMASA Self-contained (Refrigerated) Sushi Cases come with an AIR FILTER located at the back of the Condensing unit. Depending on air quality of the restaurant, or on the location of the unit installed, some air filters may take a long time to to get dirty, while some may take a very short time. However, regardless of time period, we highly recommend clean the AIR FILTER every 2 weeks. Keeping the AIR FILTER clean is very important for the compressor which is considered the heart of Sushi Case.
ヨ シマサ冷蔵付寿司ネタケースのフィルターはコンデンサーユニットの後ろにあります。レストラン内の空調、または設置場所により汚れるまでの時間が異なり ますが、2週間ごとに清掃されることをお薦めいたします。寿司ネタケースが十分に作動するためにも、寿司ネタケースの心臓部と考慮するコンデンサーユニッ トの清掃は重要なことです。

A dirty AIR FILTER will create congestion in the path of air flow from inlet to outlet, and eventually cause an unrecoverable damage on the compressor. A dirty AIR FILTER is not only harmful for the compressor, but also for the cooling fan. If the cooling fan is contaminated by dirt, it won't run smoothly and start making annoying noises, escalate compressor heat, make the compressor difficult to work and become a source of rising temperature in the food zone of the Sushi Case in the end.
汚 れたフィルターは空気口のつまりを生じます。そして、徐々に修理も不可能なコンプレッサーの故障につながります。汚れたフィルターはコンプレッサーの故 障の原因のほか、冷却ファンにも良くありません。冷却ファンが埃で汚れた場合、回転が悪くなります。そして、騒音、コンプレッサーの熱を上昇させ、コンプ レッサーが十分作動しなくなります。最終的にはネタケースの中の温度の上昇につながります。


Failure to clean AIR FILTER will void the Factory Warranty and the owner will be the one who is to take the consequences. YOSHIMASA won't take any responsibility for it.


Please contact us if you notice any of following symptoms:

  • Temperature rises in the food zone - 寿司ネタケースのフードゾーンの温度が上昇している時。
  • Annoying noises come from the cooling fan - 冷却ファンから騒音が出た時。
  • Fuse is blown out often - フューズがよく切れる時。


Follow the instructions below and do it at least EVERY 2 WEEKS

Lift Upward


1. Hold the louver handle and lift upward
The louver is located in the back of the condensing unit and right above the power switch box.



2. Tilt the louver outward a bit and pull it down all the way.
Do not force the louver to take it out, but gently shake it side to side a couple times instead and pull it down.

よろい板を少し外側に傾けながら下に引いてください 。


3. Take out the AIR FILTER from the condenser
Easist way to remove the filter is that hold both sides of it (not the top and bottom) and pull outward all the way. It will be bent a bit, but no worry of a break.



4. Rinse out the dirt in the water
You may need to dip the filter in the water and shake it up several times or you can use a brush to remove the dirt thoroughly.


Put back  

5. Replace the cleaned AIR FILTER
Hold the both cornor of the filter and put the top frame of it in the inside (not outside) rail track on the top board all the way. When the top portion of the filter is in its position push it hard until it is bent outward a bit and let go when the bottom portion of it close to the inside (not outside) rail track on the bottom body frame of the sushi case.