Temperature Issues 冷却温度の問題


Sushi Display Cases are designed to be used to house food products during buisness hours only, DO NOT USE FOR STORAGE.
Condensation may build up on the glass if inside and outside temperature differ too much.

               Recommended Ambient temperature: 68-77°F 68-77°F 室内の温度は68-77°F が最適です。
               Recommended Internal Temperature: 37-40°Fケース内の温度は37-40°F が最適です

Sushi Display Cases are designed to maintain a temperature of 41°F and lower even with opening the doors 300 times a day.




DO Maintain the Ambient Temperature - レストラン内の温度を保つ
It should be lower than 77°F around the Sushi Case (specially around Condensing Unit, 68~77°F recommended).

DO Use a 115/60/1, 15 amp dedicated power outlet - コンセントの差込は寿司ケース専用にしてください。
Do not share a power outlet (including multi-way power outlet) in the same circuit with any other electrical appliances or it may stop the compressor from running due to power shortage. Using any extension socket may only cause the same problem as well.

DO Maintain power quality - 電力の質を保って下さい。
The service voltage and ampere must have enough power to cover the entire premises of the restaurant building. * Please visit LADWP for more information about Power Quality.

DO Clean air filter, Condenser and Condensing cover regularly - エアーフィルター、コンデンサー、コンデンサーカバーを定期的に清掃して下さい。
They should be cleanned every two weeks.

DO Keep the backdoors closed - ネタケースのドアを閉めたままにしてください。
The sushi case will loose cold air and interfere with maintaining the desired inside temperature.

DON'T Block the air way to inlet or outlet - 空気口を塞ぐ。
The compressor will slowly build up heat affecting case temperature and risking damage. It may eventually make the compressor die. Please give more than 6” room for air circulation.
コンプレッサーの裏側と側面にある空気口を塞ぐと、熱が出て寿司ネタケースの中の温度が上昇します。 その熱で次第にコンプレッサーが故障します。 壁などの空気口を塞ぐ物から6インチ以上の間を空けて、空気の出入りを自由にさせてください。

DON'T Use a power extension socket - 蛇足回線を使用する。
It may cause electric power shortage and make the compressor stop from running.

DON'T Use heat lamps or equipment creating heat beside it - 寿司ネタケースの近くで熱を発するランプなどをご利用になる場合。
Any lamps including spot lights or heated lights or heating equipment should be away from the unit or it will interfere with maintaining the desired inside temperature by heating up the unit.
熱を発するスポットライト、食べ物を温めるためのライト等、暖房器具等は寿司ネタケースから離して下さい。 ネタケースの中の最適な温度を保つことの邪魔になります。

DON'T Let any moisture get into the Condensing Unit - コンデンサーユニットの中に湿気が入った場合。
Please clean the air filter, Condensor and condensing cover every month.

DON'T Keep the unit running overnight - 夜通し寿司ネタケースを作動させた場合。
It generates too much ice on the bar and higher temperature.




What about if the inside temperature is too low and freeze the food? - 寿司ネタケースの温度が低すぎて、寿司ネタを凍らせてしまう場合。

  • Use extra floor mat such as YOSHIMASA Bamboo Mat, it will increase the inside temperature by about 5-10°F. Also, check your AEV Valve setting.
    寿司ネタケースの底にもう一枚マットを引いてください。(弊社の竹マットなど) 華氏5度から10度の温度上昇が期待できます。
  • If door is left closed for longer than 30 minutes sometimes this may cause the internal temperature to drop. Try leaving the door open a little until the temperature is at desired level.