Buyer's Guide ご購入に際して

New customers and buyers, if you are not sure which type of Sushi Display Case would be suitable for your sushi bar. Please carefully review the following ADVANTAGES and Disadvantages. At a glence, you may think a Self-contained type seemss much more convenient over a remote type. However, each type of Sushi Display Case has a number of the pros and cons that you should thoroughly weigh up before you make any decisions. You can call us anytime for a FREE CONSULTATION.






Remote Unit

A REMOTE/Non-refrigerated Sushi Display Case is merely a showcase that is ready to be hooked-up to an external condensing unit. The external condensing unit can be installed anywhere: right next to the unit, in the cabinet under the counter or a remote place such as on top of the building.





Self-Contained Unit

A SELF-CONTAINED/Refrigerated Sushi Display Case comes with an internal built-in condensing unit. Therefore, it is fully ready to work as a standalone refrigerated showcase. No need for any technical support for the installation. These units can have the condensing unit on the right or left hand s



  • HIGH DEMENDS  需要が高い
    Almost all high-class and large-sized sushi restaurants prefer setting up with Remote type Sushi Display Cases.  ほとんどの高級、大型寿司レストランではリモートタイプが主流です。
    When you install multiple Remote Sushi Display Cases, they can be hooked up to ONE external Condensing Unit.   複数のケースを1つの外部コンデンサーユニットで接続可能なため節約となる。
    This type is a merely showcase with stainless steel body and temper cover glass. So its life-span would be almost permenent.ステンレススチール製のボディと強化テンパーガラスで丈夫、ほぼ永久使用が可能。   

  • EASY & SIMPLE MAINTENANCE 簡単シンプルなメインテナンス
    Cleaning will be everything that you should do for the maintenance. クリーニングだけのメインテナンス。                                                                         
  • NOISE FREE  騒音無し
    Having the external condensing unit installed at the remote place, as usual, a substantial amount of noise from the condensing unit won't be problematic anymore to your valuable customers sitting at the counter.  外部コンデンサーユニットを離れた場所に設置すれば騒音が無くなりカウンターにいらした大事なお客様への問題とならない
  • AEV CONTROL AEV コントロール
    An Automatic Expansion Valve (AEV) regulator will be used to maintain constant refrigerant flow in the refrigeration system. Not like a system with Capillary Tube this system will get less effected by the ambient temperature in your restaurant.
    (YOSHIMASA has a UL recognized AEV and also provides FREE CONSULTATIONS
  • 1 FULL FOOT MORE ROOM 1フットより広く使える
    A Self-contained type Sushi Display Case takes up 1 full foot width for the internal built-in condensing unit while a Remote type can utilize it as an extra display area. 内臓された冷却システムユニットは1フットのスペースを要するためそれが無いリモートは同じサイズでも1フット広くなる。
    You need to buy an external condensing unit to hook it up to this type of Sushi Display Case.
    (YOSHIMASA has conventional sizes of external Condensing Units and Eclosures and also provides FREE CONSULTATIONS)
  • NEED A HVAC TECHINICAN設置には冷暖房空調設備の専門家が必要
    To hook up the external condensing unit to this kind of Sushi Display Case, you need to hire a HVAC technician.
    (YOSHIMASA could help you find a good HVAC technician near you and also provides FREE CONSULTATIONS)        
    The unit itself is fully ready to work. Just place it on a flat counter and plug in to power up.                    平らなカウンターで電源入れるだけ。
    Just unplug AC power and carefully move one place to another, then plug-in back to operate                  プラグを外し 注意をしながら移動しプラグインするだけ  
    Due to an internal built-in Condensing Unit, the sales price of a Self-contained type Sushi Display Case is set much higher than a Remote type. 冷蔵機能内臓なのでリモートより値段が高い。
  • 1 FULL FOOT LESS ROOM 1フット少ない室内                The internal built-in Condensing Unit takes up 1 full foot of food cabinet room. コンデンサーユニットが1フットを閉めリモートより室内が1フット小さくなる。
  • DEDICATED POWER OUTLET ケース専用のパワーアウトレットが必要
    Each Self-contained type of Sushi Display Case requires a dedicated power socket close to where the unit is setup. In addition to that it is highly recommended not to use any extension cable.                         冷却機能付きの寿司ケースはケース専用のアウトレットが必要。また延長コードの使用は不可。
  • REGULAR MAINTENANCE 定期的なメインテナンスが必要
    To have this type of standalone showcase run long lasting it requires regular maintenance such as cleaning the air-filter every other week. Failure to comply such maintenance instructions may void your warranty coverage.                   このタイプのケースは長く機能を維持するために、エアフィルターの2週間ごとのクリーニング等のメインテナンスが必要。これらのメインテナンスを怠ると保証が効かなくなる
  • EXPECT NOISE & WARM-AIR 騒音と温かいエアー
    All time in running, there will be a fan-running noise along with warm air flow from the condensing unit parts of the showcase. 動作している間はファンが回る音と温かい風がコンデンシングユニットより排出される。


The information given above is based on opinions collected from current sushi chefs, sushi restaurant owners, and professional engineers specialized in refrigeration. However there might be a divergence of opinion in some special conditions or circumstances.